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Applications of Evaporative Air Coolers

1. Crowed area or the area which needs to cooling rapidly in a short time 
e.g. school, kitchen, gym, factory, church, market, exhibition hall, conference room.

2. The production sites with high temperature heating device 
e.g. the workshop of Mounding injection, electroplating, metallurgy, printing, Glass, machining, foods processing and household electrical industry

3. The area which filled with odor, dust, polluted air 
e.g. Hotel kitchen, hospital hall, plastic industry, chemical industry, leather industry, rubber industry, printing and dyeing industry, textile industry, farm etc.

4. large open areas
e.g. Shopping mall, supermarket, amusement, entertainment center, waiting room etc.

5. Greenhouse and agricultural scientific research base


1. Evaporative air cooler is use for ventilation, cooling, humidification, improve the air quality. For other use, pls consult the JH engineers or sells in advance.

2. Using air cooler under the following conditions can increase its life: 
a) Dry-bulb temperature: 20℃-50℃ 
b) Relative humidity: ≤85% 
c) Pressure: 86Kpa-106Kpa 
d) Be sure that clean water is used, and its temperature should be less than 45℃, the supply pressure is about 0.15-1Mpa; 
e) The supply voltage can not be exceeding ±15% of the rate voltage 
f) No corrosive gas area

3. The outer shell and package of cooler is not completely made by flame retardant materials. Be sure to prevent it from any source of fire.

4. In case of the damage from leakage, please make sure the drain valve and the inlet valve connected correctly connected before using air cooler.

5. To avoid discharging cooled air into enclosed place, there must be enough exhaust quantity in application places , if not, you can open the window or install anther other cooing machine to make the natural exhaust and mechanical exhaust combined.  

6. When the cooler needs to repair, it is necessary to cut down the power supply and put a warning sign saying “maintenance and no use”.

7. When the cooler set trips, call the service for help , and do not change the protection switch on your own.

8. Please do not frequently turn on and off the coolers

9. As for the constant temperature and humidity place, pls use it under the guide of specialist .The rate of cooling is inversely proportional to the air humidity.


1. Clean cooling pad 
Remove the pad from the cooler, and then clean it by tap water

2. Remove the smell
The following situations may cause some smell in a few minutes when it start to cool:
1) Use the cooler after the rain 
2) If you don’t clean up the tank after using, the air cooled may have some smell the next time when you use it. (Shut down clean function was turned off)
3) Do not clean the cooler on time after long time use. (Auto clean function was turned off)
4) Other situation.
Generally it is recommended to turn on the shutdown clean function to prevent the smell.
Expect clean the cooling pads on times, you can also add chlorine dioxide disinfectant to the water tank.

3. How to maintenance the cooler when you don’t use it for a while?
When in winter or you don’t use the coolers for a while, please do the following:
First, close the water valve and remove the cooling pad to have a complete cleaning as shown above, at the same time, empty the tank and clean it. If permits, it’s better to have a defection. After cleaning, install the cooling pad and make the cooler working 5 to 8 minutes to dry the pad, and at last shut down the power supply. It will be better to hood protective cover to stop the dust outside.

4. Check before operation: Is the floating ball valve worked well? Are the control lines fixed correctly? Oil the bearing if it is centrifugal type. Check the cooling pads after operation for a while. Check the other normal functions.

5. Evaporative air cooler is a kind of energy-saving equipment and it only needs some maintenance. But as the machine is installed outside, to have a better cooling effect, its better for you to do some cleaning after a long time using.


Error codeFault symptomSolutions
E1The power supply to air cooler is over-currentPlease break the power off, and check the power supply
E2The voltage supply to air cooler is over-voltagePlease break the power off, and check the power supply
E3The voltage supply to air cooler is under-voltagePlease break the power off, and check the power supply
E4The motor is overheatPlease break the power off, and check the power supply
check the cooling pads
kept the door opened for enough ventilation
E8The wall controllers can’t receive the signal from air coolerPay attention to the good connection on communication interface
E9The water supply action can’t be finished within 15minsCheck the inlet valve

Common Problems and Suggested Remedies

Problem: Part of cooling pads is not wet
Suggested Remedies:
(1) The water distributor is blocked, please clean it.
(2) The water tank is slant, please adjust it to the level.
(3) Low water.

Problem: pumps runs, but not circulates water, or pads lack water.
Suggested Remedies:
(1) the water distributor is blocked, please clean it.
(2) Pump strainer blocked

Problem: The cooling icon flashing on controller
Suggested Remedies:
(1) Warning of low water, check the water inlet valve blocking or water source stop supply water.
(2) If it is still flashing when the water is enough, check the water level probe.
(3) Pump strainer blocked

Problem: Water leakage
Suggested Remedies:
(1) Leakage from water supply pipe: The flexible-hose is aged or broken and water leakages from it. Please change new flexible-hose.
(2) Leakage from drain valve: the water level is too high. Please adjust the water inlet valve.
(3) Leakage from side panel: Cooling pads are blocked , please clean it.

Problem: The controller can’t display 
Suggested Remedies:
(1) Check electrical connections. Make sure the electric protective device is working.
(2) Please check the earth wire is connected correctly. Make sure that phase lines are connected right. Check if fuse broken.
(3) Check the signal line connected tightly.

Problem: 3PH cooler fails to work, the motor bringing of a buzz. 
Suggested Remedies:
(1) Power lacks the phase, it needs to check the power supply.
(2) Check the motor and the electric PCB board is poor contact or not.

If the possible cause is hard to found, you can figure it out by replace method, comparison method, the cameral method or other methods. Otherwise, you can also ask the local distributors or sells for help.